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I just hate the band ‘cause they remind me of you.

I just hate the band ‘cause they remind me of you.”

All the Pretty Girls- Fun.

Sound familiar to anyone?

Valentine’s Day is upon us, friends. Love it or loath it, the daylong tunnel of love has arrived. In honor of the tumultuous connection everyone seems to have with the holiday, let’s reminisce on some of those songs that went down in an Armageddon flame along with your relationship.

That may have been harsh, but you get the picture.

Think back to your high school sweetheart. —16 and in love. It was definitely going to last forever … right? Wrong (usually). But, that’s okay. While separate parties may have moved on and boxes of memorabilia swapped, there will always be the unavoidable list of songs attached to that certain someone. Mixed tapes were exchanged, slow dances were danced, future-wedding songs discussed.

You could be anywhere when apocalyptic soundtrack begins. In the car, at the store, at the mall. A song from the once loved mixed tape or playlist titled “<3” comes on, you freeze.

Day ruined. The memories prove overwhelming.

“When my ex first played ‘Dear God’ by Avenged sevenfold for me, I couldn’t stop crying. I won’t listen to that song anymore.” Said Kate Pelczynski, 22 of Williamsville.

No matter the depth of the relationship, the songs will always serve as a reminder to what it once was, and what it unfortunately became.

Even sadder than a breakup, is the feeling that songs that you once loved have been scarred. Ruined, even.

Hearing one of those songs can bring back some pretty bad memories, or even worse, good ones.

“When I was 17, I was dating a girl and we would drive around listening to the safety suit album called ‘Life Left To Go. Her favorite song on the album was ‘Down.’ It was my favorite too,” said Nate Wind, 20 of Rochester, NY.

Songs shared during drives, beach days, or anything else can bear a strong attachment to good memories. But when things crumble, the once-loved songs become nothing but a painful reminder.

After a scandalous break up, Wind, like many romantics, found that the magic he once found in that song was lost.

“I can never listen to that song without getting a bitter taste in my mouth,” said Wind. “ It was kind of like ‘our song.’”

Joe Bucher, 21 of Oswego, has beef with Dave Matthews Band since the end of a two- year relationship. “I hate the song ‘Jimi Thing’ because it was her screen name on AIM the whole time we were dating.”

Songs can and will be ruined by failed relationships. But don’t distress. Bitterness will subside, and eventually the lost songs will be resurrected. Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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